Het is wellicht wat ongebruikelijk voor deze website maar we plaatsen het toch heel graag.

Lees de oproep van onze leden Arina en Gert van Spijker voor een bijdrage t.b.v. schoolkinderen in Glinsk. een dorp dat in Oekraine ligt.

Het zou fijn zijn als u een bijdrage kunt geven aan het beoogde doel.

Dear friends,

In this pre-holiday time, when we are planning a Christmas evening and buying gifts for relatives and friends, I propose to all of you to create a small Christmas miracle for those who need it most: I’d like to invite you to help my Ukrainian friends and me buy Saint Nicholas presents for children in a boarding school in Ukraine! (I know in the Netherlands, Sint Nicolaas is celebrated on the 5th of December, or in Spain, Los Reyes Magos on the 5th of January, but in Ukraine, the date is the 19th of December.)


The boarding school is located in the village of Glinsk in the Sumy region, about 300 km from Kyiv. My friends and I have been supporting this school for many years. If the school's history below draws your attention and you would also like to support the children, then the best and quickest way to do that is by transferring some money via PayPal to Dmytro Hryhorian, this is one of my friends and his email address, and PayPal ID is Golfik5191@ukr.net. Any amount, 5, 20, or 50 euros, will significantly help and will entirely be used for the children’s presents!

Let me tell you a little bit about the Glinsk boarding school:

It is located 300 km from Kyiv in the Sumy region, a small village called Glinsk, with 1.5 thousand inhabitants. Currently, 90 children between the ages of 3 and 18 are living there. Most have parents, but some are deprived of parental rights, some have gone to work abroad, and some are in custody. There are also orphans and children with special needs.

Unfortunately, Ukraine still needs to complete the reform to transfer boarding schools to a family form of child care.

We have a tradition at St. Nicholas: Children prepare a festive concert, and we prepare personalized gifts for each child. For the child to feel sincere attention because a special gift is being prepared for her or him, we ask them to write a letter to St. Nicholas, in which they tell the Saint what they are fond of, what profession they dream of, what their favorite subjects are and of course, they also write their wish list.

Over the years, there have been amazing requests. For example, a teenage boy asked for iron in the boys' room because he wanted the boys to look "awesome." Another time the girls asked for indoor plants to decorate the building. Some of them asked for a vacuum cleaner to keep their room clean; One child asked for a TV for their room.


Once a preschooler, six years old Zarina, asked for a parrot. And believe me, it was not so simple to send the living parrot from Kyiv to Sumy!

For many of us, this has become an annual tradition, and a date has been reserved since October. We always look forward to it with pleasant excitement. This year, because of the war, we hesitated a lot: The war is raging, and the army needs a lot. Many people were left without a job or left the country... But these children are waiting for a holiday gift. Moreover, they are in the Sumy region, and explosions are often heard very close to where they live!

If you want to join, please transfer some money by PayPal, as explained above. Or contact me if you have any questions.

We will be grateful for any support. And with the upcoming holidays, may the new year be kind and peaceful for all of us!


On behalf of the children of Glinsk we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy 2023 and thank you very much in advance for your donation. Arina van Spijker and Gert van Spijker.

Any questions? Gert can be reached at his email address    gert@ecostar.es     or    via Messenger:   Gert van Spijker.

(which is also his Paypal ID in case you want to sent the money to Gert. He then will make sure that it will reach his destination.)